Prayer of the Remonstrants

We give thanks that God by an eternal and unchangeable purpose in Jesus Christ his Son before the foundation of the world, has determined that out of the fallen, sinful race of men, to save in Christ those who through the grace of the Holy Spirit shall believe on his Son Jesus, and shall persevere in this faith and obedience of faith, through his grace, even to the end….

We give thanks that Jesus Christ the Savior of the world, died for all men and for every man, so that he has obtained for them all, by his death on the cross, redemption, and the forgiveness of sin….

We give thanks that those who are incorporated into Christ by true faith, and have thereby become partakers of his life-giving Spirit, as a result have full power to strive against Satan, sin, the world, and their own flesh, and to win the victory, ever through the assisting grace of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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