A Prayer for the Evening (Thomas Dekker)

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Thus, O God, am I nearer to old age
   than I was in the morning,
   but, I fear, not nearer to goodness.
   For he who strives to do best comes short of his duty.
   The night new steals upon me like a theif.
   Oh, defend me from the horrors of it.
When I am to lie down in my bed, let me imagine
   I am to lie in my winding sheet,
   and let me not close my eyes until
   my soul and I have reckoned and made me even
   for all the offenses that not only this day,
   but all the former minutes of my life,
   I have committed against your Divine Majesty.
Pardon them, O Lord; forgive me my sins,
   which are more infinite than the stars
   and more heavy than if mountains
   were to lie upon my bosom;
   but your mercy and the merits
   of my Redeemer do I trust in.
   In his name do I sue for pardon.
O Lord, let no unclean thoughts this night
   pollute my body and soul,
   but keep my cogitations chaste,
   and let my dreams be like those
   of innocents and sucking babes.
Grant, O Lord, that the sun may not go down upon my wrath.
   But if anyone this day has done me wrong,
   that I may freely and heartily forgive them,
   just as I desire to be forgiven by your hands.
Whether I sleep or wake, give your angels charge over me,
   that at whatever hour you may call me, I may,
   like a faithful soldier, be found ready to encounter Death
   and to follow the Lamb wherever he goes. Amen.

by Thomas Dekker, in Four Birds of Noah’s Ark, ed. Robert Hudson

Photo by Rahul from Pexels