Blessed be the light of day (Rosa Victoria Calderon de Billig)

Rosa Victoria Calderon de Billig

Blessed be the light of day and the Lord who
   sends it to us.

In this new day we give you thanks Omnipotent
   God, Master of the Universe.

Your divine kindness has brought us out of the
   night darkness
into the light of a new day. Everything in the
   world is filled with your glory.

Because of you, flowers bloom, fields turn green,
   trees produce fruits and we receive the rays
   of the sun.

Birds in the branches bless you as well as the fish
   in the ponds.

Bless us great God and guide our steps,
   so that we may forever abide by your holy
   law. In this new day, we give you thanks
   Omnipotent God, Master of creation.

in A World of Prayer, ed. Rosalind Bradley, p.152

Photo by Alice Castro from Pexels